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All Testing, Repairs, and Overhauls are performed in-house at our facility and conform to the most current manufacturer’s specification with ratings in Instruments, Avionics (Radio, Communication, and Navigation) and Electrical Accessories. We currently hold supplier approval from most major airlines in USA and many around the world and have a broad range of capabilities for Inspection, Repair and Overhaul for all Commercial and Regional aircraft in the area of:

700/900 Series Avionics, Digital Air Computers, Altimeter/Horizon Indicators, Cockpit Voice Recorders, TCAS Processors, Mode S Transponders, Gyros, Flight Directors, Course Indicators, DMF/ADF/HF Avionics, Electrical/Mechanical Accessories.

We add new capability where the opportunity makes sense in order to provide our customers with a better, more complete service offering to support their component and reliability needs.

Contact customer service for pricing or our full capability list.